Patriot Construction, LLC., Announces the Launch of New Global Brand


Point of Contact:
Miguel A. (“Mike”) Galindo, Chief Marketing Officer


Dunkirk, Maryland (10/10/2018): Patriot Construction, LLC. The company formerly known as Patriot Construction, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its new global brand and trade name “PATRIOT”.   The new brand solidifies the firm’s growth throughout the last decade from purely construction to a full-service provider of innovative facility and infrastructure solutions including Operations and Maintenance, Construction Management and Architect and Engineering services.


“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new “PATRIOT” brand. The new name, website and logo strategically aligns the company’s objectives, reflecting its growth and current service offerings under one powerful brand”  

- Mike Galindo, Chief Marketing Officer



PATRIOT, based in Dunkirk, MD is a full-service facilities and infrastructure solutions provider with operations nationwide and abroad. Patriot’s mission is to deliver innovative solutions in every aspect of engineering, facilities, and professional and technical services that include planning, designing, building as well as operating and maintaining our Nation’s most precious resources. PATRIOT focuses on providing reliable, cost-efficient services and integrated solutions that help its customers achieve their mission goals and financial objectives.